IMG_0402Once upon a time, I was a writer and I had a website that at least three readers visited with some regularity (Hi, Mom!). Nowadays, the old website is trashed because I needed to make a clean start because…reasons.

I’m still a writer. I haven’t written much beyond story notes in over a year, but that’s changing. After several years of letting the story bubble in my brain, I’m ready to sally forth and finish Apotheosis and bring the Stormcaller Cycle to a close.

Somewhere in there, I need to do other stuff like finish becoming a sysadmin, help my wife relocate to the US, and keep learning Mandarin, but totally can find time to bang out at least a manuscript page a day.

Writing is a habit.

I better say that again so my wife, who is peering over my shoulder pretending to exercise and not snoop, can see it.

Writing is a habit. (你好老婆!)

Stay tuned for more writerly bits. Also, the occasional anecdote from China and other places.


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