Writing Takes Time


About to soar into aboard a Dreamliner. Travel is a good way to stimulate the creative juices.

I’ve recently gotten back to work on book three of the Stormcaller cycle. It feels good to be doing so, but I wonder why I hadn’t touched it in over two years. I mean, I moved to Japan to do the research necessary for this book, then…nothing.


I wasn’t in my write mind. Literally.

I didn’t know what to say and I wasn’t really ready to say it. I tried to push myself a couple of NaNoWriMos ago, but that didn’t work. The truth is, at the risk of sounding pretentious, that art can’t be rushed. I’m not trying to drop a floppy beret on my head and call myself an artist, but writing is an art form. You can write something and make it better in editing, and that’s what most writers do.

I couldn’t though. My head just didn’t have the story. More accurately, it didn’t have the whole story. I had the beginning and the end. No middle.


Nachos often fuel my thoughts. Sadly, they also destroy my waistline.

Give yourself permission to let the story rest. If you can’t work on your current story, start another. Do research! Try writing a short story (much tougher than a novel!) or something else.

Heck, try a different art form. Take a cooking class. Learn a musical instrument or master sketching. Something.


Writing takes discipline, of course. Make a habit out of writing, whether it’s a designated time each day or a targeted number of words. Still, if the words won’t flow, don’t beat yourself up.

Trust that they will come to you when they’re ready.


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