What If… 

Mountains and the sea offer endless possibilities, much like a good story.

That’s the important question involved in writing.  Authors should be asking it before and during their writing, ideally in the hope of prompting readers to ask it.

I consider myself a futurist,  even though three of my four extant books are fantasies. The Stormcaller cycle is about what would happen to a young woman if she discovered that magic was real–and what would change in our world were magic real. There are several other what if questions posed by the books,  but those are spoilers.  

But let’s do something interactive now,  a rarity for authors…

What if you could know when you were going to die,  down to the date–would you want to know? 

Yes or no,  different people will have a myriad of reasons for their answers. Please  leave yours in the comments! 

Second question…if you knew the world would be destroyed through some unstoppable means,  would you let other people know? Would you share it with the public?  Why or why not? 

Again,  to the comments section! 

Writers should not only be thoughtful in their writing,  but they should encourage readers to consider their own views on the matter. Writers shouldn’t shy away from hard topics or different perspectives. 

Rather,  they should champion them.


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