I have been away for far too long.

My apologies.

The good news is that after returning to the US to take on a contract writing gig at my old company, I was offered a permanent job at same, which has made my continued existence possible and allowed my beloved and I a chance at a better life.

The bad news is, the new job has eaten up a bunch of my time as it takes me away from creative writing and into product management. Still a ton of fun, lots of challenges, but different.

The great news is that because my creative juices built up, I’ve been just killing the first draft of In the Shadow of Erebus. If I can maintain a majority of my daily progress, I’ll finish it before summer is out. That’s good because I need to earn cash money and nobody lost their winning lottery ticket in my wallet.


I actually have quite a lot to say on the blog. To that end, please stay tuned. I swear I shall make it a much more interesting and relevant place to visit and find out more about the books I’m working on.

Until then, have a great week. Americans, have a happy (and safe) Independence Day! For everyone else, have a totally ordinary Tuesday.


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